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Automate the Way You Collect Student Admissions Data

Brittany Griffith
March 9, 2023
Min Read

In higher education, each interaction in the admissions process plays a significant role in the overall student experience. According to Salesforce’s Connected Student Report, students who have a great onboarding experience are 35 times more likely to have a great university experience. The report also found a strong onboarding experience results in 63% of students feeling more connected to their institution. 

Your college or university’s admissions application is one of the first interactions prospective students have with your organization. By adding Forms for Salesforce to your Admissions Connect-enabled org, your Admissions Office can establish a personalized, digital connection with students from their very first interaction with your institution. 

In this video, we’re showing you how to leverage the power of Forms for Salesforce to accelerate your Salesforce Admissions Connect implementation. We will be using Forms for Salesforce to create a university application that will automate the way student data is collected and streamline application management.

More than 350 colleges and universities around the world have used Formstack to improve their processes. Institutions have implemented Forms for Salesforce to ​​modernize recruitment and admissions, as well as these other workflows:

  • Event registration
  • Financial aid forms
  • Bursar's office forms
  • Health forms 
  • End-of-course surveys
  • Mid-term progress reports
  • Registrar office workflows 

Formstack makes education workflow automation easy so you can improve efficiency and provide seamless digital experiences for students, faculty, and staff.

Tools Needed

In this workflow we will be using Formstack Forms for Salesforce and Admissions Connect.


This workflow will take 1 hour to complete.

What is Forms for Salesforce? 

Forms for Salesforce is a 100% native Salesforce form builder within the Salesforce Education Cloud. Dynamically prefill forms, generate and update records, and connect to any standard or custom object without leaving your Salesforce account. And by using dynamic prefill, your student will never have to fill out a blank form again! 

Download from the App Store 

What is Admissions Connect? 

Admissions Connect is designed to accelerate admissions and recruiting within your Salesforce Education Cloud implementation. 

Admissions Connect is a Salesforce admissions CRM software that helps higher education institutions meaningfully engage applicants and streamline admissions management. With this product, colleges and universities can spend less time on manual processes, and more time building relationships. Some benefits of the Admissions Connect software include: 

  • Streamline application review 
  • Drive applicant engagement
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Access real-time data and insights


  1. Build your form. Use our drag and drop builder to easily pull in the Admissions Connect object fields into your form. We recommend starting with Contact, Application, and Education History to get a good base of information from the prospective student. Set up conditional rules that help drive the course of the form based upon the students' responses.
  2. Turn on dynamic prefill. Creating a user-friendly application experience is critical. With Formstack’s Dynamic Prefill feature, you can create a seamless and efficient end-to-end process for your students. For example, once a student enters in their home address, phone number, or any other contact information, that information will be prefilled into any future forms they fill out! When you’re ready to publish your form, be sure to check the Dynamic Prefill box so your students will never have to fill out a blank form again.
  3. Automate your admissions process. Once you’ve created your form, the application process will be a breeze. Upon submission, new students will have a contact record automatically created in your Salesforce org. Maintain accurate records using the upsert functionality to keep data clean, prevent duplicates, and update regularly.

Improve Student Data Collection 

Check out the host of higher education templates also available to get your school collecting form data in a matter of minutes. Reach out to our team members to help migrate these templates into your instance today!

Want to implement this admissions application process at your institution? Reach out to schedule a demo to learn more. 


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Brittany Griffith
Brittany is a Product Marketing Manager at Formstack who is dedicated to creating top-tier content for our product releases. When not marketing at Formstack, you can find her hiking, attending concerts, crafting, or spending time with her husband and dogs. Brittany is a proud graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College.
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